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We are a rookie FRC team and can not seem to get the LabView game tools to load.  It says that the password from FRC is invalid, some people in other forums said to use the SN #, but all I see is a P/N #.  Can you please help - we are seriously lost in this process.

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The serial number is included in the portal the lead mentors have access to.  They should be able to login to see what vouchers are available for your team.  Other mentors can login but won't have access to the voucher.


The number contained in the vouchers is your SN which should allow you to activate.

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Thanks for your response - 

This is the coach and the voucher/password is not being accepted when prompted by the NI software install.

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Can you share a screenshot of what you see in NI License Manager?

It'll also help to see what error you're getting when you bring your mouse over the warning text (it will pop up an explanation).

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