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Why does NI Cloud Toolkit cause Error 412000

Using NI Cloud Toolkit for AWS V1.1.0.1

If I use Amazon S3 Management Console to create a bucket in eu-west-1,

List Contents of Bucket throws Error 412000 occurred at NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Create Error Cluster from Response The authorization header is malformed; the region 'us-east-1' is wrong; expecting 'eu-west-1'


If I use Create new Bucket  to create a bucket in eu-west-1 it works. When comparing the two buckets in the Amazon S3 Management Console I can see no difference between them.

Creating eu-wast-2 buckets via either method works correctly.

I have checked the Amazon S3 Management Console and the bucket is definitely eu-west-1 and not us-east-1.

I am aware the eu-west-1 uses the older V2 encryption and eu-west-2 uses V4 could this have something to do with it?

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I doubt the NI Cloud Toolkit for AWS will ever support V2 encryption. However, I think its predecessor toolkit still uses V2, and is still available on the NI Tools Network. Search the tools network for 'LabVIEW Interface for Amazon S3' and try that toolkit and see if it still uses V2.

DNatt, NI
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Darren, thank you for your reply. I changed title and body of post as I realised the problem was not what I first thought. You may wish to have another look at the updated post. Thanks - Steve

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I read your edited post. I think you're right that V2 vs. V4 encryption is the issue. Sorry, I don't have any additional suggestions on things you can try.

DNatt, NI
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