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Verify server and bucket name with period



I am currently making a proof of concept for a future project we intend to start which will involve some transmission of file in S3 bucket.


A rapid inspection of the NI_AWS_S3 toolkit show me this strange condition over the utilization of the https and the impossibility to verify the server using certificat when the bucket contain a period (see attached screenshot).


Is there anybody who would know why it would be impossible to check the certificate of the server when the bucket contains a period in its name?


Alternatively would there be some side effect if I try to simply get ride of this limitation by forcing a true constant into the "Verify

Server" property of the bucket instance?


Thanks in advance



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The NI AWS S3 toolkit uses Virtual Hosted Style bucket access, i.e. Per Amazon's documentation, the wildcard cert they use won't work for bucket names with periods when buckets are accessed this way. So here are your options:


1. Don't put periods in your bucket names

2. Don't use HTTPS. The tricky thing here is that, last time I checked, deep down in the guts of the toolkit it builds the url with an https prefix whether or not Verify Server is set to true. 

3. Come up with an alternate certificate verification module. In this case, I think you have to swap out all the NI HTTP client VIs and replace them with your own client that will use your certificate verification code.


So if I were you, I'd try really hard to make option 1 work. The toolkit is open source, so 2 is an ok workaround if you don't care about https. Option 3 is going to be a lot of work. Don't do that unless there's literally no other option.

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Thanks a lot for the informations. These are very important facts that i am glad to know before I dig deep into this new application.

Just for the nexts who could read this forum I add the reference to amazon documentation regarding this topic.


Maybe there are also a 4th solution to consider even it probably imply a lot of work too:

??Try to add an option in the NI AWS S3 Toolkit to access bucket with the path-style URL??

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