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NI Cloud Toolkit for AWS - Is there a Palette available ?

I have been using the NI Cloud Toolkit for AWS, it seems to be a very well written and capable set of VIs. I cannot seem to find a Palette to allow me to browse the available functionality. I have resorted to exploring "C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2015\vi.lib\AWS Toolkit\S3" Is there an easier way?

If there is no palette included in the VIPM install could I suggest the developers add one.

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Assuming you installed the NI Cloud Toolkit for AWS from VI Package Manager, after restarting LabVIEW you should see the palette at Functions > Addons > NI Cloud Toolkit for AWS.


DNatt, NI
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Hi Darren,

well, you showed the palette for AWS cloud.

I'm having a bit different problem, I'm working on real time monitoring of temperature sensors data (up to 30 channels). And I want to monitor and control it remotely through mobile app. For this I have collected sensors data(in txt/excel/json format) from data acquisition module (YOKOGAWA MW100) on Labview(2017). Now I want to upload these collected data  on Amazon AWS cloud. But Im not getting, either I use AWS S3 service or AWS IOT service for cloud storage.


Could you please guide me for this, Which will be best service in mine case? and How do I do?

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If you want to upload data, then I think S3 is your best bet.

DNatt, NI
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Thanks alot

but is it possible to design Android app to access S3 remotely?

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I don't know anything about designing Android apps, you may have more luck with that question on an Android-specific discussion forum.

DNatt, NI
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Thank you!

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You can design a Web App i.e. HTML/Javascript based using labview nxg. Then you can either access html page directly using browser or write an app to do so

ATE and Labview Consultant
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Thank you!

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