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File corruption by 'Trim whitespace' while uploading to S3 bucket

I am using toolkit example,'Upload File to'. When I uploaded TDMS file to AWS s3 buckets, the file size was reduced. The problem is caused by 'Trim' in internal API. 


We can reproduce this problem with a simple example I attached. When we upload txt. file generated from attached vi(Write test, The size of the file is reduced from 600 KB to1Byte. Because space constant has been deleted. 


The biggest problem is that sometimes the uploaded TDMS doesn't open when downloaded again. It's not always like that, but the white space of the file divided into Chunk units disappears, so the file seems to be completely destroyed. Has anyone experienced the same problem? Do you know how to solve it?








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In the manual related to AWS S3, 'Trim' function that functions the same was found. However, it has not yet been found how this function is related to LabVIEW Toolkit.

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I came across this a similar bug while writing an API for S3 Glacier. I got timeout 56 when uploading TDMS parts that started or ended with whitespace because the request body was incomplete.


The request body should not be trimmed in Make HTTP Request Is there a reason for Trim Whitespace to be there in the first place?

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