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Error 412031 started appearing when using example 'Upload file to'

This one is stumping me. I had this example VI from the AWS toolkit working fine a couple of weeks ago. Now when I try to use it I get the error listed below.


I have double and triple-checked the keys and they are correct. Moreover they work find using AWS console commands.


i haven't altered the example VI in any way. What are the possible culprits here? Could my security or firewall be getting in the way?  I am hoping to use the AWS toolkit as part of a larger deployed application, but if I can't even get the examples working I'll have to try something else 😞


Note: I work for a large corporation so it's non-trivial to find out if my IS department changed something over the past few weeks. I will likely have to figure out what happened on my own. Sucks.



"Error 412031 occurred at NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Create Error Cluster from Response"


Possible reason(s):

SignatureDoesNotMatch - The request signature Amazon calculated does not match the provided signature. The AWS Secret Key value may be incorrect.

Complete call chain:
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Create Error Cluster from Response
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Check Error and Get Call
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Send API Request
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Make HTTP Request
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Low-Level HTTP Request AWS
Upload File to

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