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Can myRIO use cloud send json datas?

Hello everyone!


I have an idea using cloud server to send json datas instead of open NAT port on wifi? Can myRIO allow doing like that? How?


If not, Do you have another solution to send data to internet?


Thanks so much!!!

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Hi nbtram,


National Instruments offers the SystemLink Cloud service that allows you to communicate with the Tags and Messages APIs. More information about the SystemLink Cloud service can be found at the following url:


Additionally the Develop Distributed Systems of the Future Using the Cloud Session from NIWeek 2016 provided a Demo that demonstrated connecting to different cloud services to publish data from LabVIEW:


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Thank you, @MilanR.

May I ask you another solution?

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I think myRIO can access cloud. I have tried with sbRIO. In my practice, i have accessed google maps, amzon web services using json datas.

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