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Automatically upload files on S3 AWS while collecting data

Hi guys,

I'm trying to add this new task in my VI, that is a simple acquisition from accelerometers with a "write to measurement file" vi as you can see in the picture1.My VI generates a lot of lightweight data file while running. So what I'm trying to figure out is something that could be attachable to my vi and can directly load this file on the S3. I found an example ( picture2)that loads just one file a time and i don't know how to integrate it in what i would like to do Could someone help me with this?


Thank you all for your time

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Hi RaffaelPisc,


Do you already have an AWS account?  Have you created a bucket?  Have you created a security key?


Once you have a bucket and keys, the code is very simple.  See attached. 


Marvin, CLD

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I just started work on it, can you share your work till date. So i can work next to it and we can find the solution.

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Hello,kinnikinnick i am working on Labview project where AWS and LabView is interface. How to interface it, Can you please help me. my mail id- 

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Hi Shrikant, what have you done so far?  I think many people on this forum are happy to help, but we don't want to do your homework for you 😉


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hi Kinni,sorry for my late answer, however yes i got a bucket and a key on AWS, i saw your picture but what i don't understand is how to connect my "write to measurement file", that creates files every 1 gb of data collecting to it. have you ideas on it?





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hi ,sure. Maybe the problem is that i'm using a "write to measurement file".

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