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Auto upload logs? Hard to tell with locked VIs

Apparently there exists a service as part of the AWS IoT SDK on other targets such as the raspberry where log files can be automatically uploaded to the cloud.  This library hints at that with the two VIs in IoT >> Utility, Get Logging Options and Set Logging Options.


Now I know I can upload them to an S3 bucket or send them over an SQS message - or probably get more creative than that.  But that might not help me take advantage of the power of the AWS IoT platform we'll be paying for (if this feature is in this toolkit).


But as another issue:

I tried to examine the source, but was dismayed to find that even though it is "open sourced", it's not.  Yes, the repo is public:  but the source code in it is full of locked VIs.  This doesn't do much at all for anyone who might want to see the code.  For just a thin wrapper around AWS APIs, I wouldn't think there's much special sauce in this code.  Not nearly as much as something like python DAQmx anyways.  In my experience, letting customers and integrators see the code would help lessen NI's burden of support and allow us to suggest fixes and upgrades without NI having to do all the heavy lifting.  And it would make it easier when questions arise because I wouldn't have to hope a forum post gets answered - I could quickly peek at the source and find the answer.



1 - Any chance you can update the repo to not have locked VIs?  (I'll create an issue there)

2 - Does this implementation of the SDK have facilities for automatically uploading logs?


Thanks - and good luck in 2020 to all,


Andrew Heim
Systems Engineer
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