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Just had an interesting (disappointing) interaction with AWS that those considering new applications on AWS should be aware of. 


I had built an industrial control system using S3 for long-term datalogging, and SNS for notifications of alarm conditions. Everything worked for several months, until suddenly the text alerts stopped. 


Screenshot 2018-06-05 07.56.18.png

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That's interesting, could you provide more context?  Or maybe if you interact with them and get to some conclusion it would be great to see the results.

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Thanks for your interest, Terry. Not sure what additional context to provide. Yes, I'll let you know if there is some conclusion. 

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Hi Terry - I was looking through forums and realized I had left this open. For the benefit of anybody trying to do this, I had to convince the support guy that I wasn't just using the free tier to spam a bunch of people. Their exact verbiage was as follows: 


"You are not eligible to send SMS messages due to the age and usage history of your account. You will need to show a pattern of use of other AWS services and a consistent paid billing history to gain access to this function. We enforce these limitations on all new accounts. Your continued usage of Amazon SNS and other AWS services will give us greater flexibility to increase your sending rates in the future. Please open a new case after you have a successful billing cycle and additional use of other AWS services and we will gladly review your account." 

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