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AWS IoT thing list error

Just getting started with the cloud toolkit.  I have success doing s3 operations, but IoT operations fail. 

My account should be set to read only IoT privileges. I am only trying to open an IoT session and use the list things vi. 


 Here is my error. 


Any ideas? 


Possible reason(s):

An unknown AWS error occurred.

Complete call chain:
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Create Error Cluster from Response
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Check Error and Get Call
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Send API Request
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Make HTTP Request
NI_AWS_Core.lvlib:HTTP Request.lvclass:Low-Level HTTP Request AWS
NI_AWS_IoT.lvlib:IoT Session.lvclass:List

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Discovered the admin gave rights to the wrong user id.  Works as promised now. 

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I am also getting the same problem. Can you help me with this?

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i am working on same thing, i will let you know.

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