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AWS IoT Certificate and Keys

I have used the AWS cloud toolkit IoT vis with an access key and secret key to programmatically set up my IoT things, policies, and create certificates/keys.


I'm trying to now use the certificate and keys to subscribe or publish to an MQTT topic from a device (no access key or secret key). I haven't been able to find a way to establish the MQTT connection with the certificate/keys. Has anyone worked out a solution for this?

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Re: AWS IoT Certificate and Keys

Since the AWS IoT toolkit interfaces with AWS through the HTTP REST API, it doesn't have a way to interface with a MQTT topic. 


Are you wanting to both receive and send messages from/to a topic? If you only care to send messages, it looks like AWS supports HTTP POST operations to publish a message to a IoT topic.

This might be easier to implement than the MQTT web socket method.

Danny Funk -- Group Manager -- LabVIEW R&D -- National Instruments
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Re: AWS IoT Certificate and Keys

Hey, Danny!  It's very interesting what you say but I can't publish to a topic using HTTP, the AWS documentation is very bad so I'm sure I have some errors in the URL. I attach a simple code, can you tell me what you think is wrong? Thank you very much.

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Re: AWS IoT Certificate and Keys

Can you enter the values you intend in the controls of and click " Edit > Make Current Values Default " and re-upload so we can see how you are trying to use these LabVIEW Primitives? Currently the pseudocode of what you uploaded is:

get http handle
post ?? to handle


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Re: AWS IoT Certificate and Keys

Hi Dave,


I'm just starting with AWS IoT module. Can't find any example of IoT. You mentioned that you have been able to come up with a project using this module. I'm wondering if you could share it to demonstrate how it publishes data to Amazon Graph, if possible.




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