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How to Handle Channel Wires in a Source Distribution

I have a VI, within a source distribution, that utilizes channels and is called by reference by an executable.


I understand that Channel instances are created when the VI is loaded within the LabVIEW project, but what if the channel dependent VI is called at run-time (not from within a LabVIEW project)?


This source distribution is deployed to a target PC that does not have the development version of LabVIEW on it, only run-time engine. How do I setup the build specification to ensure that the target PC has all the channel dependencies it needs? Or is this even possible?


Right now the Channel instances are in the dependencies folder of the LV proj and are set to "include if referenced". I see Channel folders being added to the source distribution but the channel dependent VI is loading broken. The issue seems isolated to the


The Endpoint doesn't seem to be adapting to the correct channel type - see attached photos


 Any help appreciated. This is keeping me from deploying much needed code to production test systems.


Thank you, 

Chase Fearing
Test Engineer, Certified LabVIEW Architect
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I answered this in the main LabVIEW Forum, here.


Bob Schor

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