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What is a LabVIEW Champion?

A LabVIEW Champion is a top tier NI Platform enthusiast who has been recognized by NI for their exceptional application development, technical depth and breadth, and leadership and contributions to the LabVIEW community.

A LabVIEW Champion is the first to stand up and defend the NI Platform, but still has a willingness to provide constructive criticism, always pushing it to be easier to use and more powerful. The key driving force of the Champions is ‘positive contribution’. LabVIEW Champions are credible technology experts from around the world who inspire others to learn and grow with LabVIEW and other NI products through active technical community participation and face-to-face interactions.

LabVIEW Champions are not employees of NI, nor do they speak on NI's behalf. LabVIEW Champions are third party individuals who have received recognition from NI for their outstanding contributions to the success of the NI Platform.

Why did NI start the Champions program?

The LabVIEW Champion title exists to reach out to and thank outstanding community members for their participation and willingness to help others in these communities, both online and off, and to provide them with the technical resources to help others in the future. LabVIEW Champions also provide valuable feedback to NI through active LabVIEW testing and product analysis.

What are some perks of being a Champion?

- Direct access to NI R&D via a private community forum, events, and working groups.
- Advanced knowledge of the NI product roadmap.
- A Champion's opinion is very important in the evaluation and creation of product roadmaps.
- Special badge in the NI Community.
- Champion-only invites at various functions such as the CLA Summit.

How are Champions "born"?

Candidates submit their application online, citing accomplishments and community contributions as well as listing sponsors, consisting of both NI staff and current LabVIEW Champions.

Submit an application to become a LabVIEW Champion. Submission of an application does not guarantee admittance to the LabVIEW Champion program.

Who are the Champions?

Please refer to the current LabVIEW Champions Directory.

Questions about the program?

Send all your questions to where the Champions Coordinators will get back to you. To easily access this page, visit

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