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Head First: Design Patterns

Author: Bert Bates, Elisabeth Robson, Eric Freeman, Kathy Sierra

Submitted by: Casey Lamers



This was my second Design Pattern book (after Design Patterns: Elements of Reuseable Object-Oriented Software). I found this one to be much easier to read and understand. After reading this book I was able to go back and understand the first book better.

This book uses lots of graphics and easy conversational style to describe many different patterns. I was able to get the idea of each pattern easier with this style as compared to Design Patterns.

Patterns covered include:

  • Observer
  • Decorator
  • Factory
  • Command
  • Facade
  • Composite
  • State
  • Proxy
  • Several Others

This is a very approachable and easy to read book.

Casey Lamers

Phoenix, LLC

CLA, LabVIEW Champion

Check Out the Software Engineering Processes, Architecture, and Design track at NIWeek. 2018 I guarantee you will learn things you can use daily! I will be presenting!

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I was just about to add this, when I saw you beat me to it. Recommendable, easy to understand. Quite a real-world down to earth approach to design patterns.


CLA, CTA, CLED & LabVIEW Champion
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