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Dive Into Design Patterns

Currently on sale.
Thanks to Stefan Lemmens for pointing me to this.
An excellent book! A worthy successor to the GOF. This updated take on Design Patterns is very refreshing. For a computer science book it is quite readable, much more so than the original. The real life examples provided in the book are very easy to follow. The code examples are very also easy to follow and provided in several different languages (C#, Java, PHP, Python,Ruby,Swift, and TypeScript). There are plenty of UML diagrams as well, clearly showing what is going on. He also does a good job of relating the various patterns and their ideal use cases.

Alexander broke from the original book and removed the text editor example and replaced it with an introduction to OOP. It includes a very concise and clear section on the SOLID principles with some very good examples.

Overall, I think this is probably a more approachable book for beginners than the original GOF. I highly recommend it!
Sam Taggart
CLA, CPI, CTD, LabVIEW Champion
DQMH Trusted Advisor
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