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New 2014 LabVIEW Champion: Nate Moehring

Member Profile - Nate Moehring

I am very excited to be named a LabVIEW Champion!  I desire to see LabVIEW grow in adoption as a general purpose programming language and am always happy to talk about the merits of LabVIEW to anybody who will listen (evangelize).  It is my hope that through my involvement as co-chair of the 2013 and 2014 CLA Summits and leading User Group Meetings in Phoenix and SpaceX that I have been able to make a lasting contribution to the LabVIEW Community.

Home:  McGregor, TX

Programming Languages:  LabVIEW, PERL, C++, Java, Visual Basic .NET, Motorola assembly, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, XML

Certification: CLA (2009)

Used LabVIEW Since:  LV 5.1, 1999

Application Areas:

Since 2005 I’ve been developing Command and Control Ground Software for the automation of Integration & Test activities and on-flight Mission Operations of rockets and satellites for Orbital Sciences and SpaceX.  It is my great privilege to work in the space industry and use LabVIEW almost every day.


My first exposure to LabVIEW was in 1999 in a 200 level class called “Software Tools for Engineers” at Texas A&M.  Half of this course was spent learning the basics of LabVIEW and data acquisition in order to prepare us for the coming years of projects and labs.  For many months I was frustrated by LabVIEW because we did not learn basic design patterns, LabVIEW did not yet have the Event Structure, and I was already proficient in C and Visual Basic.  It took me about 3 months to start thinking in G.  It was during my first internship at National Instruments in 2000 (V&V group) that I started to learn how to write more structured code.  That experience, plus the addition of the Event Structure, hooked me for life.  I had so much fun I returned for another internship in 2003 (LabVIEW R&D).  To my delight, some of my work from that time is still in use by NI today.  Part of my legacy was creating some of the prototypes that later became LEGO Mindstorms.

For personal relocation reasons, I have never applied for a full-time position with NI.  Instead, God has blessed me with another awesome career path.  While I was in graduate school, one of my previous professors asked me if I would be interested in working with him at the Spacecraft Technology Center, a NASA Research Partnership Center at Texas A&M. This is how I got started in the space industry.  After graduation in 2003, I was hired by StarVision Technologies in Texas A&M’s Research Park, to capitalize on the technologies developed by the STC.  From there I moved on to General Dynamics C4S in Gilbert, AZ, which is now Orbital ATK.  I've had the privilege to work on some great space missions and feel like I am making a valuable contribution to society using LabVIEW!

User Groups:  Helped coordinate the Phoenix LabVIEW User Group Advanced (PLUG+) and SpaceX's Internal User Group

Discussion Groups:  LAVA, NI Forums, mostly a lurker.  Government contractors are not particularly keen on employees contributing on public forums.  However, the CLA Summit has given me an opportunity to network and take an active role in the LabVIEW Community by offering presentations and serving as the co-chair for the 2013 and 2014 summits.



Books:  L, none yet

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Many congratulations Nate. A very well deserved recognition for your valued and very welcome contributions to the community. Personally seeing how well you handled the CLA Summit gave me a lot of pointers when it came to my time to run the 2013 European event so thank you for that.

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Congrats Nate, welcome to our gang

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Congratulations Nate, welcome to the team. So excited you are in!

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Welcome aboard Nate!

Mark Yedinak
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