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LabVIEW Champion: Scott Hannahs

LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Scott Hannahs


Scott Hannahs

Tallahassee, Florida

Programming Languages:
LabVIEW, C at the moment, and familiarity with a dozen others


Used LabVIEW Since:

Version 1.0, 1989

Applications Areas:
Data Acquisition, Process Control

I am a research physicist working at the cutting edge of measuring fundamental physical parameters under extreme conditions. My thesis work was measuring the mobility of electrons in liquid helium at temperatures down to 15 mK. Since 1987 I have been making measurements of resistivity, thermopower, heat capacity, magnetization, and others in the highest magnetic fields possible while subjecting the samples to extremes of temperature (20 mK to 1000 K), pressure, etc. This work started at the Francis Bitter National Magnet Lab at MIT and now at the National High Magnetic Field Lab (NHMFL) at Florida State University. I have been using LabVIEW to automate and control many of the experiments as well as the industrial control systems for maintaining and protecting the equipment at the NHMFL. The magnet systems here consume up to 20 MW each while producing fields up to 45 tesla.

I maintain and improve the data acquisition environment to satisfy the needs of about 200 visiting scientific groups that come here every year to set up experiments and make measurements. The software is designed for flexibility, intuitive user interface and ability to work with many different types of instrumentation. Much of my software has been adopted by researchers from around the world for use in their own labs after visiting the NHMFL. I also interface with every experimenter who visits the lab making sure that their experiment will work with our equipment or providing new equipment, setups an capabilities.

My own research centers on the interplay of superconductivity and magnetism especially in the area of molecular conductors. This work has found several new phenomena that exist at low temperatures and high magnetic fields.

User Groups:
Tallahassee LabVIEW User Group, OpenG, info-labview

Discussion Groups:
Info-LabVIEW (administrator of the list)

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