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LabVIEW Champion: Richard Sorrells

LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Richard Sorrells





Safety Harbor, Florida



Senior Member of Technical Staff: Draper Laboratory. St. Petersburg Florida.



Programming Languages:

LabVIEW, TestStand, Basic, and many years ago C, Vee




Used LabVIEW Since:



Applications Areas:

  • Bio-Chemistry

  • Nuclear Detection

  • Aerospace Flight Instrumentation

  • GPS (NI VST)
  • Guidance Systems
  • Commercial & Heavy-Industry Control

  • Medical Instruments

A few of my favorite LabVIEW projects:

  • Chemiluminescent Sensor Array
  • GPS Satellite Signal Quality Analyzer
  • Portable Chemical Threat Detector
  • Gyroscope Assembly and Performance Verification
  • Continuous Drinking Water Sampler for Pathogens
  • Silicon Wafer Robotic Handling & Etching
  • Renal System Monitor
  • Educational Platform Development for MicroChip
  • 24-7 Environmental Sensor Life-Test
  • Auto-Regulating Steam Loop Controller
  • Navy Ship Valve Testing Platform
  • And many more I'm not allowed to talk about!


My start in electronics was in the mid-1980's as an audio engineer and performance modification technician. Later that decade and into the next, I held positions of PCB Designer and Electrical Engineer. Starting in the 2000's, my focus shifted more toward Test Engineering and software development.

I have been involved in the development of commercial products from dog training collars to biological threat detectors. In the military and aerospace fields, I have been involved with critical testing platforms for valves used on aircraft carriers, guidance systems, sensors used on jet fighters, and display units for bombers.

I picked up a shrink-wrapped copy of LabVIEW 5.1 around 2001, because someone told me I could "control things with it". Since then, I have made it a mission and a passion to ensure that LabVIEW Is Everywhere!


Discussion Groups:

LabVIEW, a top-contributor to the LabVIEW Idea Exchange with many ideas implemented.



LabVIEW code (written by R. Sorrells) was used during the development of the following Patents, papers, and thesis:

  1. Automated Concentration System (Patent Pending water sampling system)
  2. Development of a semi-dead end filtration system for concentration of bacterial spores from drinking water. (Kearns, E.A., S. Magaña, B. Dodge, A. Levine, R. Sorrells, and D.V. Lim.)
  3. Design of a chemical agent detector based on polymer coated surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonator technology. (Graduate school thesis by Dr. L. Manoosinhg)