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LabVIEW Champion: Ram Kumar Gurung


My first magic with LabVIEW happened when I saw it was capable to program the FPGA without learning and writing the HDL codes. I had wasted lot of time learning and writing FPGA codes while programming the FPGA when I was a student. I then fell in love with LabVIEW once I realized its impact on the non-core programmers. Now the scientists, engineers, and students were able to solve the engineering and science challenges without spending time, money, and energy to develop the same system that can be built within short span of time.


At the same time, I have always seen lack of awareness, connection, and guidance among the LabVIEW users in the community. I have always valued using the technology to improve the world around us. But without integrating the best practices, recommended guidelines from the industry, and proper trainings, such vision is slowed down. 


Although, I have worked as consultant for various projects. I really loved connecting and training scientists, engineers, and students knowing that the quality of the code they develop would now never be the same. I have been successful in training more than 300 professionals from India, United States, Korea, Japan, Denmark, Germany, and more. 142 CLDs and a CLA has been produced while making this profile.


In 2019, I started a company to help address the LabVIEW Proficiency gap in the Industry worldwide and have been providing CLD and CLA preparation trainings.

The company name is Grafitects. It is abbreviation for Graphical Programming Architects. Our vision is to take majority of the LabVIEW users to the level to LabVIEW Architects in the most effective way.


CLD Preparation training by Grafitects covers the LabVIEW Application Development Training ( CLA Preparation training from Grafitects covers the LabVIEW Architecture Development Training ( Some trainings also offers code reviews to improve the developer's skills.


Recently we also have published the printed CLD Preparation training manual which is shipped worldwide ( 


Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 5.41.48 PM.png


I also have a Youtube Channel called 'LabVIEW Advantage' where I share the best practices and tips for LabVIEW Application Development.

Link to Youtube Channel:

The Youtube Channel also contains the preparation videos for Newer version of CLAD and CLD-R preparation.


I have also started the exclusive interviews with LabVIEW Champions and LabVIEW Personalities.

Watch all interviews here:

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I have been privileged enough to represent as well as help the LabVIEW community in India. I was part of presenter at first CLA Summit in India and coordinator for two consecutive CLD Summits in India ( I worked together with coordinator from NI to start the Indian LabVIEW User Group (IndLUG) and have been successfully conducting the Quarterly meetings (





"To merely writing a working code is not good enough. Writing a LabVIEW code that helps you and other developers to solve engineering challenges rapidly and effectively that improves the world we live in is LabVIEW Proficiency."