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LabVIEW Champion: Luc Desruelle


64x36.gifName: Luc DESRUELLE


Home: Chambéry, Savoie, FRANCE

Programming Languages: LabVIEW (incl. RT and FPGA)


Certification: Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA) & Certified TestStand Developper (CTD)


Used LabVIEW Since: First use as student: LabVIEW 5, 1998 - As a software developer: LabVIEW 6i, 2002


Applications Areas: Physics and Instrumentation software. Developing solutions to scientific and industrial for Metrological measurements, Calibration Bench, Test Bench, Embedded system, research, Smart grid, UHF partial discharge. Code refactoring.


Biography: I’m a Physics and Instrumentation engineer. I started at MESULOG (Grenoble, France), an « Alliance member » company, in March of 2002 as a software developer writing applications in LabVIEW. After six years, I became Software architect, partner and General manager. In 2013, I gained my Certified LabVIEW Architect status. In 2016, I gained my Certified TestStand Developper Status. I love LabVIEW. To my delight I work every day with LabVIEW (occasionally TestStand projects).


In 2015, I became author of the French book “LabVIEW : programmation et applications", Dunod editor. I wrote this book for sharing my enthusiasm of LabVIEW. I'm enjoy about helping others developers to successfully use LabVIEW environment, so they can develop faster and, above all, better.


Groups: With my friend Olivier JOURDAN, I lead the LUGE: Grenoble LabVIEW Users Group (near to Grenoble city, France). Nous serons très heureux de vous accueillir lors de nos rencontres.


Forum: Je suis français, so I’m a very active member of the LabVIEW “francophone” forum and community


Blog: Blog : I always try to share fun presentations. I manage a blog on the National Instruments community website. It deals with development rules, style guidelines, advanced programming, OOP, benefit using framework, breaking through the blank diagram syndrome with QMH, animated gif to avoid developing code…


Book: French book “LabVIEW programming and applications, Dunod editor - 2015 - ISBN-13: 978-2100724338

Livre LabVIEW "Programmation et applications" édition Dunod - 2015 - ISBN-13: 978-2100724338




Company: MESULOG (Grenoble - France)


Web Sites: linkedin