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LabVIEW Champion: Justin Goeres

LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Justin Goeres



Justin Goeres


Cary, NC

Programming Languages:

LabVIEW, PHP ... and English?


Certified LabVIEW Architect

Used LabVIEW Since:

LabVIEW 4.1 (1997)

Applications Areas:

Instrument Control, Large Application Development, Distributed Applications, Web Services


Justin discovered LabVIEW in the usual way: by being forced to use it to teach a laboratory course in Mechatronics. That flirtation in graduate school eventually blossomed into a passion for dataflow programming that has defined his career. From a startup in California, through his own NI Alliance consulting company, and finally to JKI, Justin is driven to create elegant solutions to customers' tough problems and to spread the reach of LabVIEW further all the time.

Justin created "Popcorn Tweets," the LabVIEW- and Twitter-powered robot that was a hit at NIWeek 2010 and was covered in Popular Science, on Mashable, on Engadget, and on over 20 other online news sites. He is passionate about pushing the profile of LabVIEW and dataflow programming in general through appearances and talks at non-LabVIEW conferences such as Business of Software and ProductCamp.

User Groups:

North Carolina User Group, Bay Area LabVIEW User Group

Discussion Groups:

NI Discussion Forums, LAVA, JKI Forums


Personal Website:



Active Participant
Active Participant

Congratulations, Justin.

authored by
Christian L, CLA
Applications Engineering Senior Manager - Automotive and Transportation
NI - Austin, TX