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LabVIEW Champion: Jonathon Green

LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Jonathon Green



Jonathon Green (jgcode)


Perth, Australia

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Data Acquisition, Automation, Real Time and Embedded Systems, Instrument Control, Data Analysis, SCADA, Distributed IO, Instrument Drivers, Reuse Libraries, IDE Tools.

LabVIEW started out as a hobby for me, which is why I think I continue to enjoy using it.

After seeing LabVIEW code for the first time in my Biomechanics Honours year, I worked on various research projects and then programmed part-time in the role of Biomechanics Technician for the University. I also contracted from time to time, under the registered business name JG CODE which became my online alias. Somewhere along the way I discovered LAVA which filled a big gap – experienced due to my demographic situation. I joined an NI Alliance Partner, programming in LabVIEW full-time, and later was involved in the company’s training aspect of LabVIEW (which I thoroughly enjoyed). I also ran the LabVIEW User Group meetings for the area. During this time I was exposed to many different industries which was a great experience. I went from trolling on LAVA to active participant, interacting with a lot of other LabVIEW developers, which accelerated my learning and allowed me to become certified as the first CLA in my state. It was around this time I developed a passion for reusable code and tools which flowed over to working on such LabVIEW Community projects as OpenG. I currently work in the Mining industry.
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