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LabVIEW Champion: Jim Kring

LabVIEW Champions Member Zone - Jim Kring

Jim Kring

Walnut Creek, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

Programming Languages:
LabVIEW, Python, PHP

Certified LabVIEW Architect

Used LabVIEW Since:
LabVIEW 3, 1995

Applications Areas:
Data Analysis and Visualization, Embedded Control, Industrial Automation, R&D Prototype Automation, Software Engineering Tools, Reuse Libraries, Distributed/Networked Applications

I grew up in San Diego, where I learned my love for science, engineering, the ocean, and surfing. I came to the San Francisco Bay area to attend college at U.C. Berkeley (Go Bears!), where I majored in Environmental Engineering and worked at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, writing LabVIEW software for controlling an X-Ray spectroscopy system and analyzing data -- that's how I got hooked on LabVIEW! I stayed in the Bay Area after college and moved out to San Francisco (by the beach, of course). Since college I have worked as a systems integration expert, using LabVIEW almost every day. For many years, I have also been an avid contributor to, where many individuals collaborate to develop LabVIEW libraries and software that are licensed as open source, making them freely available for everyone to use. I enjoy being a part of the LabVIEW community, which continues to provide valuable experiences and relationships.

LabVIEW for Everyone, 3rd Edition (Prentice Hall)

User Groups: LAVA, OpenG

Discussion Groups:
I am active in all of them, but spend most of my time on the OpenG and LAVA Discussion Forums.



Application Note - NI Week Conference 2004
PXI-Based Embedded System Controls Semiconductor Metrology Tool

Application Note - NI Week Conference 2001
"Controlling a Laser Plasma Source Extreme Ultraviolet Reflectometer for Metrology of EUV Lithography Optics"

Application Note - NI Week Conference 2000
"Real-Time Fuzzy Logic Control of Sputtering Process"

NI Developer Insights - February 2003
"LabVIEW Community -- Mechanisms of Involvement"

LabVIEW Technical Resource - Volume 10 Number 3
"Understanding LabVIEW Data Types and Storage Formats"

LabVIEW Technical Resource - Volume 9 Number 4
"Customizing the LabVIEW Development Environment"

LabVIEW Technical Resource - Volume 8 Number 1
"The GOOP Timer - An Implementation of the Graphical Object Oriented Programming Model"

LabVIEW Technical Resource - Volume 7 Number 3
"A Method for Creating and Using Controls in LabVIEW - Implementing Custom Mechanical Action"
"Inserting Code Snippets - Merging a Custom Control with Mechanical Action"

LSBL# 378
'Monochromator Control System of the BL 9.3.1 at ALS'
J. Kring and R.C.C. Perera,

LSBL# 326
'Performance of BL 9.3.1 at ALS: Flux and resolution measurements'
Y. Uehara, G. Fischer, J. Kring, and R.C.C. Perera