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LabVIEW Champion: Jeff DeBuhr

Name: Jeff DeBuhr


Home: Bartlett, IL

Programming Languages: LabVIEW, Tiny bit of C/C++ as I learn the world of Arduino

Certification: CLA

Used LabVIEW Since: LabVIEW 3.1.1, 1995

Applications Areas: Currently Test Automation. Previously was mostly R&D/Rapid Prototyping where LabVIEW was the brain and became the ‘requirements’ for the final production variation.

Biography: I had my first experience with LabVIEW in 1994 while working as a Test Technician at Motorola. One of the test engineers in the same group taught me many of the features of LabVIEW (remember version 3.1/3.1.1). We had a group that ‘rolled their own’ test executive. I was able to help program that as well as other specific tests. I took LabVIEW Basic and Advanced training in 1996 and I am quite sure I still have the books

I was LabVIEW user for many years, it wasn’t until 2004 that I started to become a developer, I took LabVIEW Intermediate 1&2 training in 2005. I finally took the CLAD then the CLD then after being pushed by some fellow developers, I earned my CLA in 2011.

Outside of the professional environment, I am a Merit Badge Counselor for Boy Scouts in both Programming and Robotics. They get a taste of LabVIEW when they program the Mindstorms for the merit badge requirement.

I have one program I wrote in 1997/1998 that I still use today, I will say it is nothing like the original design from then. The program will take scanned data in and adjust the fuel maps for an OBD1 GM ECM, then save a new binary to be burned into the EEPROM. The program really ends up being my experimental playground, if I learn something new, I may try it here to see how it works and what I can do with it.

My favorite project was working on an automated beverage system. LabVIEW was the heart of the machine. It was one of my first projects I used Actor Framework. It had motion, vision all wrapped in on machine, along with valve control (for pouring the drinks). It was great to see the machine come to life knowing I was the developer behind it.


I am not very active on online but I am a member of LAVA and NI Discussion Forums. I have attended and presented for the Rockford Area User Group and I am one of the original committee members of the Chicago User Group. I am subscribed to a group of community pages, but usually ‘lurk’