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LabVIEW Champion: James Powell

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I started using LabVIEW 5 in about 1998 while I was a nuclear physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California.  I used it to manipulate and transport radioactive gases to create something called a radioactive ion beam.  I then started to do smaller-scale automation of radiochemistry for PET medical scans.  From that I became the “LabVIEW expert” and did lots of automation tasks at LBNL and UCSF.  I moved to Oxford, UK in 2010 and have been doing independent consulting (JDP Science Limited), both remotely for clients back in California and locally.


I am the author of a few LabVIEW packages on the LabVIEW Tools Network, notably “SQLite Library” and “Messenger Library”, the later being the package I use for “actor model”-style programing (some introductory videos).  I have a few other packages on the LAVA Code Repository, notably "JSON LabVIEW".


My physicist background is in experimental nuclear physics and nuclear astrophysics, and I have extensive experience in supporting medical radiochemistry, x-ray characterization of scintillators, and spectrometers and other scientific instruments.


LabVIEW experience include advanced User Interfaces, LVOOP, plugins, actor-oriented architecture, SQLite embedded database, and the 3D picture display.


I am “drjdpowell” on both and, and a regular attender of CSLUG and the European CLA Summit.