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LabVIEW Champion: Fabiola De la Cueva

LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Fabiola De la Cueva



Fabiola De la Cueva


Cedar Park, TX

Programming Languages:

Fluent in LabVIEW, know enough to be dangerous: C, C++ and Java



Used LabVIEW Since:


Applications Areas:

Medical devices, oil and gas, data visualization, teaching LabVIEW, code refactoring


I was born in Mexico City, and when I was a kid I decided that there could not be anything cooler than being an engineer.  I came up with a "master plan" on how to get there. I went to a full immersion French high school where I graduated as an Electronics Technician and got awarded a scholarship to attend a private university. I graduated from ITESM-CEM with a B.S. in Electronics Systems Engineering (the closest thing in the US would be Computer Engineering).

National Instruments hired me right out of college and I moved to Austin, TX.  I worked at NI for 6 years and then left to get my Masters in Electrical Engineering specializing in Medical devices at the University of Texas.

While working on my Masters, people found out that I knew LabVIEW, and next thing I knew I was being paid to work on LabVIEW projects.  I realized pretty quickly that not only was I good at it, but I enjoyed it a lot. So, I started my own LabVIEW consulting company and I have been doing that since 2006.

When I am not doing LabVIEW, I do pottery for fun.

User Groups:
Together with Allen Smith, I lead the LabVIEW Architects Forum
I co-chaired CLA Summit 2011 and I will be charing CLA Summit 2012