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LabVIEW Champion: David Thomson


LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - David Thomson




Dr. David S. Thomson

Boulder, CO

Programming Languages:

Certified LabVIEW Architect (CLA), Certified  Embedded Systems Developer (CLED)


Used LabVIEW Since:
LabVIEW 2.0


Applications Areas:
R&D Laboratory Automation, Instrument Control, Data Analysis, Manufacturing Test and Monitoring, Instrument Drivers


From 1990 to 2008 I worked at the NOAA Aeronomy Lab as a research scientist, developing instrumentation for atmospheric chemistry measurements. We began using LabVIEW in 1992 with version 2.0. As LabVIEW matured, we found it useful on a large number of laboratory projects and autonomous, airborne instruments. In 1997, I became an NI Alliance member and started consulting part time. Much of my consulting involves data acquisition systems for R&D labs and new instruments, but I have also developed several instrument drivers and worked in various manufacturing environments. In 2003, my LabVIEW activities spilled over from my full-time and part-time jobs to my hobbies, as I spear-headed the development of the first Battlebot powered by LabVIEW (with NI's generous assistance!)  From 2008 to 2013, I worked at Droplet Measurement Technologies, a small high-tech firm that builds instruments for measuring particles and droplets in the atmosphere.  In addition to working on R&D projects, at DMT I headed the software department (which uses LabVIEW for virtually all our instrument control software) and later became head of engineering. As of 2013, I am a full-time Alliance member as Original Code Consulting. In 2016, OCC brought on Ted Anderson as a full partner, further expanding our capabilities and availability.


User Groups:
I participate in the NI-sponsored LabVIEW User Groups throughout the Colorado Front Range. I helped found and currently help organize the Advanced LabVIEW Architects of the Rocky Mountains (ALARM) User Group.


Discussion Groups:
NI LabVIEW Forum





Some of my LabVIEW-related articles include:


I've also submitted several posters to the NIWeek Poster Contest over the years:


In addition, presentations I have made at LabVIEW User Groups can also be found at