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LabVIEW Champion: Christophe Salzmann

LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Christophe Salzmann


Christophe Salzmann

Lausanne, Switzerland

Programming Languages:
LabVIEW, C, Matlab, Javascript, and some remains of spordically used languages

National Instruments Certified Instructor (NICI)

Used LabVIEW Since:
1991, when LabVIEW was interpreted

Applications Areas:
Remote Laboratories, Control, Web technologies, network, Mac

Christophe Salzmann is a Senior Research associate at EPFL - Control Laboratory. I received my MS from the University of Florida in 1999 (CS and Telecom) and my PhD from EPFL in 2005 (Telecom & Control). I discovered LabVIEW in 1992 and made it my language of choice. Though I'm still using C to implement missing functionalities in the MacOS version of LabVIEW

My research focuses on real-time control, Web-based interaction systems,  distributed Web 2.0 technologies, real-time interaction over the Internet with an emphasis on quality of service and bandwidth adaptation.

User Groups:
EPFL LabVIEW user group (founded in 1992)

Discussion Groups:
NI Discussion Forums, LAVA, Info-LabVIEW



(The complete list of publications not necessarily related to LabVIEW is available here

NIWeek 2008 - LabVIEW control solutions on Mac

NIWeek 2006 - LabVIEW and MacOSX: state of the union

NIWeek 2000 - Remote Experimentation: Improving User Perception Using Augmented Reality

NIWeek 1998 - Remote Manipulation with LabVIEW for Educational Purposes

Introduction to Real-Time Control using LabVIEW with an Application to
Distance Learning, Ch. Salzmann, D. Gillet, and P. Huguenin, International
Journal of Engineering Education ³Special Issue: LabVIEW Applications in
Engineering Education², Vol. 16, No. 3, 2001

Real-Time Control with LabVIEW - Part 2: A Low-Cost Motion Control Solution,
Ch. Salzmann and D. Gillet, LabVIEW Technical Resource (LTR), vol. 9, num. 1

Real-time Control with LabVIEW, Ch. Salzmann and D. Gillet, LabVIEW
Technical Resource, vol. 8, num. 3 (2001)

Source Level Debugging of LabVIEW CINs and DLLs - Debugging Macintosh
LabVIEW CINs and DLLs using Code Warrior. In LabVIEW Technical Resource,
volume 7, number 3 (1999).

D. Gillet, C. Salzmann, R. Longchamp, and D. Bonvin. Real-Time Control
Teachware Based on LabVIEW, Panel Discussion on Advances in CAD Software in
Control Systems Education and Research. In IFAC World Congress, 1993.

Chapters in:
Image Acquisition and Processing with LabVIEW, 2003 (Christopher G. Relf)
LabVIEW GUI: Essential Techniques (David J. Ritter)
Internet Applications in LabVIEW, 2000 (Jeffrey Travis)

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