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LabVIEW Champion: Alessandro Ricco

LabVIEW Champions Member Profile - Alessandro Ricco

Alessandro Ricco

Milano, Italy

Programming Languages:
LabVIEW (…) and Java


Used LabVIEW Since:
Version 4.0 since 5 years

Applications Areas:
Data Acquisition, Network Communication, Automatic Test, Control, Real Time, Web Based, Embedded.

I was born in Palermo, Sicily in June, 1980. In 1988, I moved to Milano were I now live with my girl Giusi and my cat Athos. I graduated from school with a technical degree in 1998. Then, from 1999-2000, I began using LabVIEW for the first time, version 4.0, in a specialized course in which I developed measurement software for Pirelli Tires. In 2000, I began bworking with an Alliance Member in Milano where I continue to work today. In my current position, I create systems for automated test, measure and control using LabVIEW, LabVIEW-RT, LabVIEW-FPGA and Teststand.

I have now used LabVIEW for 5 years. Using LabVIEW, I have developed systems that span for a variety of industries which from research and development to Industrial Automation and for various organizations such as ABB, CERN, SIEMENS and WHIRLPOOL. During these years my interest and my passion for LabVIEW has grown and I never cease to learn and experience new solutions and new ways and now I'm a true wire worker!

In 2002, I created Italian LabVIEW User Group, a LabVIEW Community website which I continue to host. is an independent group of passionate LabVIEW users. This group was born to create an Italian LabVIEW community for the free exchange of experiences and information.

Since our initial startup period, has now become the point of reference for the Italian LabVIEW community. After 3 tears of activity and thanks to the aid of other "wire workers", ILVG now boasts 600 users and about 3000 posts on our Discussion Forums.

In February 2005 participated in NIDays in Rome. During this event, I gave a presentation on Advanced LabVIEW Programming Techniques.

User Groups:

Discussion Groups:


"Multithreading, Parallelism, Methods of Synchronization in LabVIEW" 02/22/2005, NIDays Roma (ITALY)