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Open LabVIEW files in correct LabVIEW Version

Sometimes we end-up opening the LabVIEW files in wrong version of LabVIEW while opening it from windows explorer.  This is due to that LabVIEW remembers which version of LabVIEW was recently opened and windows will launch that recently opened LabVIEW to open your double-clicked file from win-explorer. 


I created this utility to show the short-cut menu in win-explorer (below) which can open in correct LabVIEW version of the file selected.  I found this tool comes very handy & useful to keep me productive and avoid opening wrong version and then re-opening the correct versions of LabVIEW.

Open in LabVIEW File Version.png


The source of this can be found in github below.  I invite you to fork and work on this to improve the way it works.


I have attached an installer version of this tool (about 5MB).  The installer requires LabVIEW 2017 Run Time Engine to work.  In case you don't have LV2017 RTE, you can install it from here.


Revision History:

v1.1.0 - Added support for .lvclass and .lvlib files.