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scripting in EXE

Yes, you need those components, but that may not be enought to legally use those components. When using scripting in an EXE, be very aware of your End User License Agreement. National Instruments restricts that ability -- it is our intention to prevent anyone from legally doing scripting that does not own a full development license for LabVIEW to prevent circumvention of the LabVIEW environment. This is not to say that you cannot technically make it work by various means, but legally, you may find yourself in trouble if your scripting code provides the means for a user to edit VIs. Creating an automated language translator -- say a C to G tool -- is generally acceptable, but as soon as the user starts having a user interface to control what gets scripted, you're skirting or passed the legal boundary.

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Understood, thank you for the warning. I am trying to get a hold of our Regional sales rep, to get an answer on this.

Is there another way I can get around this? An alternative method perhaps?? Suggestions?

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Depending upon what you're doing, there is often a better solution than scripting ... in any programming language. Scripting requires a compiler to run on the resulting function to make it usable. Often what you're doing is following some script and putting together the function to execute that script. Why not instead just write an interpreter? That can frequently be better performance than a compiler if the function is not going to be executed multiple times. You have a script, and it calls functions that you've already written in order. For example, if your scripting instructions say "drop these three subVIs and wire them together", then your interpreter instructions would say, "Get a VI reference to these three VIs and call them one after the other."

I know that's really general feedback, but it's the best I can offer without knowing the details of your project. If you need help developing your app further, contact an AE or your field sales engineer and see if they can find you resources on the topic.

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