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improving documentation of VI Scripting in LabVIEW Help


We are considering ways to improve our documentation of VI Scripting in the LabVIEW Help.  Your experiences could be useful in helping us identify gaps in this documentation.  Thus, we are interested in your feedback on the following two questions.

1) What specific goals/use cases motivated you to learn about VI Scripting?
2) Now that LabVIEW Help addresses scripting (in LV 2010), have you consulted it?  If so, what scripting activities were still difficult for you to complete?

Thank you!

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1) I am using scripting to create GUI from Interface Control Documents (ICD) where are specified a list with inputs and outputs of Veristand model dll.

From ICD I can get name, range, unit and other information to create the control / indicator to put LabVIEW controlling the model.

2) I did not used help yet because I am working with LV 2009 SP1. As soon I receive my DS 2010, I will post something.

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