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Wrong connections by connect_wires method in vi scripting

I am trying to connect a boolean constant to RUNVI invoke node input(Wait until done). it's always connecting to reference input instead of wait until done input. it should not happen because both are different data types. see the vi attached to under stood the problem.

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Try connecting terminals instead of nodes.

Do could use this vi. or something like it

I have not actually tested it...

Or you could make sure to use the correct Terminal name in your vi. (last sequence, etc.) --> replace reference with whatever you want to connect it to...

by the way, the way you are doing this with the sequences makes you loose all the advantages of parrallization of Labview. Just make sure things you need later are executed before (e.g. by placing individuali nodes into sequence strucures and wiring results of "to be waited for" VIs to that sequence.

That way you will make sure the node is executed, before the sequence structure is entered.

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I am using  sequences only for testing and clarity. final version i dont use sequences.

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