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QuickDrop Plugin API: Accessing the List

Hello everybody,

I am trying to write a plugin, that filters the List of the QuickDrop SelectionBox.

More specifically, I am writing code, that will (on Shortcut) filter the List of all (some 3400) entries to those, that should be available to the currently selected Object.

The result will be something link this:

1) Select a Wire/Subvi/LVObject Constant

2) Press Ctrl-Space

3) Press Ctrl-F (f for filter)

--> The selection List is now arbitrarily reduced to all the Member SubVIs available to that Object (i.e. private Members of the class itself and protected members of the class, if coding in a member subvi plus community and public everywhere)

Everything good, now the issue I am facing: I cannot write my new list back to the Selectionbox. It just does not change anything.

This kind of makes the whole thing miss the point, as I can read the list, but just not write to it.

Does anyone know a way, how I can write to that selectionbox?



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I don't have any experience with QDKSs, but I doubt writing the values back to the combo box would help you, as you would still need special code to handle this. You might as well do the search in your own dialog and drop the VI yourself.

Some relevant links:    -  PLEASE vote for this and get as many other people as you can to do the same. This will most likely negate the need for what you want most of the time.    - This is something that does exactly what you want, but with the JKI RCF, which I assume you don't want to install.

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That is kind of, what I want:

IntelliSense: most likely, but not really a solution. Also the IntelliSense focusses on the Property nodes, which Quick Drop does not do.

JKI RCF: 1) Got to pay for it, and 2) still navigating through lists with the mouse, Keyboard is just way faster.

I should really not be that hard, because I basically filter the List, so I dont even need to do much.

It pretty much would work already, if the Text field up top would allow OR statements (not quite).

In the End, the Quick Drop Box does something just like, what I want to do, but it just reacts on the search field up top.

Thanks anyway!

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The JKI RCF is free, although you're right about the speed.

QD should allow you to have multiple search terms (which you can use by typing in part of the name of the class, which should already filter the results), but when you select one of the results, it overwrites your original text.

I never liked that QD behaves like this and when I first saw a prototype of it, about a year before it was released, I wrote a similar tool which did not behave like this and which could probably help you save time. I think the code for it was lost in a server crash, but I might still have a copy somewhere. I would have to look tomorrow to see.

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Here are the relevant files. They don't have all the code for handling the item names, but they do have the part you want, which is presenting and filtering the items and selecting the one you want. You just need to feed it your list of items. It uses several OpenG VIs, so if you don't have those, either download them or replace them with your own.

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