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Method to retrieve VI History/Comments without loading dependencines?

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Ah, I see. Sorry, did not get your aim!

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Chris- just a shot in the dark, but will those methods work as Web Services?

Right now I am looking at running labview.exe at all times, then writing a web service that will use VI server to run my code in the Dev environment.  The web service will be invoked by a BAT file using curl or wget, etc.  If those methods work as web services I can bypass labview.exe.

Failing that, anyone know how to get labview.exe to run in the background, like a service? 

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The way that you want to do this is relatively straighforward although not obvious at first glance.

  1. Clear the search paths of LV
  2. Copy the file to a new location
  3. Open the VI through VI server at the new temporary locaiton w/ the search options 0x20 Do not display the loading dialog box when searching for  missing subVIs of the referenced VI.
  4. Get what you need from the VI
  5. Put the search paths back

What should happen is that the VI loads broken, but you can get your history and everything else you need w/ out worrying about dependencies




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