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Method to retrieve VI History/Comments without loading dependencines?

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I posted in the main groups looking for a way to retrieve the VI history/comments/metadata without loading the whole tree.  Someone mentioned there is a method that is either used internally by the LV team or has been developed that will get this data without trying to open dependencies (I am working on a custom SCC tool that won't have access to the whole tree).

Is that available?



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JedDavidow wrote:

Someone mentioned there is a method that is either used internally by the LV team or has been developed that will get this data without trying to open dependencies



I have never heard of that but if it exists I am really interested as well. Can you give the link to that discussion please?

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Antoine Chalons

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History Since.png

I think it's this one.

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  I sent you a private message concerning this topic.

-Trevor Christman

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Thank you for the snippet.  However, I get some funny behavior.  When I run it standalone, there is no problem.  When I work through a loop of paths and it encounters the history of a Vi with no entries it will return the history of the previous VI in the list.  So I get a list of histories with duplicate entries (this isn't true every time- after a while it will return a correctly blank history.  And as far as I have seen, it doesn't return an incorrect history for a VI that has a non-null history).

I'll keep playing and posting what I find

(tried in 8.6 and 10.0)


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More data:  I can't seem to get it to work reliably when built into an EXE.  When running in a loop, I get this error on SOME of the calls (don't get this error when running in dev mode).  Woth or without the error, I never see any history.

Error 1036 occurred at an unidentified location
Possible reason(s):
LabVIEW:  Method selector is invalid.
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Hey Jed - I'm sorry you're having problems with this one. Unfortunately, this is basically the LabVIEW analog of "rooting" your iPhone - it might work, and it might void your warranty

There are a few methods and properties which exist in LabVIEW but aren't exposed to users. Sometimes specific functionality was needed for a LabVIEW feature, but this functionality was never intended for end users. Hence, it is not tested for

  • all use cases
  • stability
  • usability
  • forward compatibility

Also, this type of functionality would most likely be left out of the LabVIEW Run-time Engine. This is simply to reduce the size and overhead of the RTE.

Chris Bolin
LabVIEW Partner Program, CLA
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I might be way outdated, as I usually work still with LV 7.1.1, but from what I have read here I believe you should access the 'History:EntireText' property of the VI in question. You can access this via VI-server even when the VI in question is not executable.

But I might have missed the core of your Q!

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Hi Lul,

I am actually trying to create a utility EXE that is called by my source-control software on the server when files are submitted.  It would read the comments since the last submission and include them in the SCC database.

Since I want this to happen on the server (no Labview IDE on it), there is no way to ensure that all the dependencies will be available when the file loads.  When you open a reference to a VI in VI server, it loads all the dependencies too (although you can add flag bit 0x20 to supress the search box, you cannot specifiy that you want VI server to load the VI without its subVIs, controls, etc).

Ideally I woud have created an EXE to do this, which would be invoked by the server when a submission was made.  However, none of the methods out there work in the RTE (not even the standard call you mentioned).  So unless they publish the data format in the binary file (not gonna happen), someone reverse engineers it (I ain't gonna do it) or they update the calls to work under the RTE, I might have to run the LV Dev environment on my server.

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