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I want to create a BD using scripting, error in connecting wires


I want to create a bd as shown in image using scripting. i could not  connect a boolean constant and invoke node input(Wait until Done). run the vi in Labview 10 and see the error. please suggest to rectify this error

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please provide a bit more information on your code.

Attach a Screen or upload the VI in question so we can help you.


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VI attached for your reference.  i unable to connect subpanel input with invoke node output. run the vi and see the result. same problem incase of invoke node input and bolean constant. in both the cases i used connect wires method

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The most likely reason seems to be, that the node has not been created, when you try to connect to it. I advice you use the Error Cluster to control the flow of the different nodes, i.e. make sure the according method node is created, by wiring the error cluster of the create node to the connect node....

I did that and the connections where made and the everything. Only thing is I still have "wrong" connections, ie. connections, that connect to wrong terminals, e.g. the boolean constant to the element input of the run vi node.


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I too have the same problem of wrong connections boolean constant to the reference input of runvi node.  we have already have other connections to that node so problem may not be in node creation. i think the problem is dueto the input type i mean to say in my case wait until done is an optional input.

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Try using the Terminals instead of the Objects to wire the different nodes. That is the more reliable way to wire the elements properly, as it does not leave LV room to interpret your intentions. you don't have to use the "Wire Specs" parameter in that case either.

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OK thank you my problem is solved...


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