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Get progress when building an EXE with Application Builder API


Does anyone know how to get progress when building an EXE with Application Builder API?

I am using the code below to automate my work and it would be nice to see a progress bar like when you build your application from the LV Project.

build code.png

I've found a VI called "Create progressbar" but I don't know what it does and how to use it.


Thanks a lot for help.


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Hi Matthias,

Sorry this is a little late.  "Create progressbar" creates user events for the Application Builder API to pass messages with, I would guess the normal pop-up window utilizes these events.  Below is a quick and dirty snippet example of using these events to show build status.

build with progress bar.png



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Hi Voky

Have you got snippet example for Installer Builder Progress Bar as well?


Thank you


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Thanks for the example Voky, and the question, Matthias. It's great to get a little more information about the collection of VIs in these folders.

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Hi Peter,


Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I've been busy with a new project the past few months.  I haven't used the installer builder, but poking around the AB_API folder I found something that might be of interest.


'.\vi.lib\AppBuilder\IB_Classes\Installer\' looks to be a method for accessing many data members including the user events to drive the progress bar



You're welcome, glad to share it.


Thanks guys,


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