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FTP server in Labview-- time stamping


Dear all,

My requirement is to take a backup of  all the files (except modified today) to a local system and the delete the  those files from ftp server. To identify the last modified time of a file,  i tried two ways one is ftp directory listing vi and second one is ftp command vi with command MDTM.  iam getting sep 4 11:23 from ftp directory listing vi however iam getting 20110804112330 from MDTM command. i should get 20110904112330. why this difference of one month??  can any one explain or what can be the problem in LV code

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Hi Nageswar,

You would be better to post this on the NI Forums (  This group is dedicated to the scripting API in LabVIEW but those forums are designed for general troubleshooting.



James Mc
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