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DPID InPlaceDataValRefNode

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Hi Fellow Scripters,

I'm hoping someone here can help me, as I've unsuccessfully scoured the Internet for a solution. I need to find the DPID for an InPlaceDataValRefNode.

Bit of background: I'm trying to write a script to place an In Place Element Structure in 100's of already existing VIs, in an effort to thwart some memory issues.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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Based on the Ring control I have:

335 : Array Index

336 : Unbundle

337 : Variant

338 : In Place

339 : DVR

356 : Array split

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That works, thanks!

Mind sharing how you found it for future reference? I'm guessing I missed something, but not sure what.

Thanks again!

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It was a while ago but I think it went something like this:

Drop the method on the BD.

Right-click create constant, hope for an enum/ring.  Denied.

Ctrl-H, hope for useful ifno.  Denied.

Hope that the values are 0,1,2,...  Denied.

Wrap a while loop, wire i to DPID, continue on error. 

Create a ring from the found values.

I think I left out a lot of swearing, there was probably plenty of swearing during steps 2-4....

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check this replay

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Oh man, you just made my morning sir.

Partially by getting the ID's but more about the descriptive process that I was just shy of the looping and no swearing least nothing too profane

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