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Can I set the color of a control programatically?


I would like to set the color of front panel controls by scripting. This only seems possible for some elements. A cluster has the property "Color",  a boolean element has "Colors[4]" and a decoration and a tab control have "Colors". What is about the other controls like numeric, array, string and ring?



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First, you can't set color on "system controls".

Then for other controls, it depends really... For strings/numeric/path for instance you can set different colors for different part of the control.

For a numeric : property > Numeric Text > Text Colors > BG Color + Text Color : that's for background color plus text color.

Hope this helps a bit

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did u try to use property node for the controller u want change its color ?

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Not exactly I am afraid...

For the "system controls", you could set the text color but background color via property node

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