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[New Feature] SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) API

(My apologies that I missed posting this with the initial round of New Feature posts).



The LabVIEW 2021 Beta includes a new palette for using SFTP.


The attached example shows SFTP upload/download with password and key-based authentication.


Debugging tip: in general, if you encounter problems, first ensure that ssh/plink work on the command line.


Known Issues
1. askpass is not implemented for OpenSSH in Windows (if you're using password authentication and don't specify a password, you won't be interactively prompted for one). It should work fine for Putty.
2. Due to issue 1, OpenSSH in Windows does not support specifying a password on the block diagram.
3. Recursive upload/download is not currently implemented.
4. There is not currently a high-level VI to run an SSH command.
5. askpass support on macos and Linux is experimental.




Christina Rogers
Product Owner, LabVIEW R&D
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One step closer to a native SSH client...

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@crossrulz wrote:

One step closer to a native SSH client...


100% Pure G, born in LV2009, mostly up and running by LV2012.  Time spent implementing SCP and FISH seems a bit wasted these days, but at least my SFTP implementation is still useful.


The hard part is not the encryption/decryption voodoo, but rather creating a nice interactive console.  I have a kludge which is kind of nice and implements a lot of the pty codes, but I usually resort to a separate input control (ie. the command input above) and rely on server echo in the output.  Still, trying to color code the output is a real pain.


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