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Building an application fails

It's with LV21 0b11 on MacOS 11.3:


Building a stand alone LV application fails. It's a build that worked fine in the previous LV2020. It also fails the same way if a create a new build specification from scratch.


LV says the build was unsuccessful and the details show:


Click the link below to visit the Application Builder support page. Use the following information as a reference:

Error 6 occurred at Read from Binary File in>>>>>>>

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: (Hex 0x6) Generic file I/O error.




Actually in the bild specifications one is not able to select a location for the support directory. The build specification template always shows a greyed out old file path there

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Hi Urs!


The grayed out Support Directory path is normal; macOS has become more strict about the layout of application bundles such that putting extra files in the wrong folders can cause applications to be unable to be code signed and rejected by Gatekeeper.  So the Support Directory must be in the Contents/Resources folder inside the application.  If shows up as set to some other value but still grayed out, that sounds like a bug.


Would it be possible for you to send us your project (a subportion of it) so we can reproduce the File I/O error?  It's fine to strip out unneeded VIs/IP or replace with stubs and only provide the bare minimum needed to reproduce the problem.  (Please email Christina if so.  Thanks!)


Also, just to verify, is this on the M1 Mac under Rosetta that you mentioned in another thread.  I have seen some odd File I/O errors intermittently when running on M1 that do not occur on Intel; we are still investigating that, and this could be the same issue.


Best Regards,

Craig Smith


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Hi Craig, great to get your reply! Yes, like I stated, the problem occurs with the LV21.0b11 beta on a M1 Mac that runs MacOS 11.3 at the time. Actually, the build works fine from the same lvproj with the same LV21.0b11 which is installed on a Intel processor MBPro under MacOS 10.13.6 (I keep it this way because it serves me well with DAQmx Base still running). It indeed looks like some kind of a file access issue that the app builder relies on. In fact the build was done with one of my longtime LV project that I have brought along over time also for testing reasons and it includes quite a lot of VIs.


How do you want me to proceed? The easiest for me is to send you the whole lvproj that also includes the build specification that causes troubles along with all associated VIs. A simpler build specification within the same lvproj works fine with a subset of the code but the main one fails. In fact I provided the content of the application builder error in my initial mail. Does that already give you a clue?


Actually the simpler build is just made from one single VI whereas the one that fails includes a set of VIs that are called dynamically by a main caller (the main VI).


In any case, I wait for your response before I provide the LV code. How will I be able to transfer it to you? You may want to contact me by private mail for this.


THX a lot!


Urs, the Mac LVer

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Hi Urs,


If you don't mind sharing the whole lvproj, that would be fine.   If the project is small enough to zipped up and emailed, that would be easiest.

You can send it directly to either me or Christina Rogers.  I believe you already have both of our emails from previous correspondences.

The first thing we'll do is try to isolate whether the problem is specific to macOS 11.x (Big Sur) or specific to the M1, and then work from there.


Thanks for reporting this issue and for being a Beta tester on the Mac!





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