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encoder reset


I read an encoder with a custom command. Now I want to reset this counter, but I can't do it.


Can somone help me?




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Hey Christian!


let me know a bit more about your problema.


would you like to reset the counter variable in LabVIEW or inside your code running customcommand?


Since i can't see wherelse your local varible is been used, i believe you could just send 0 to the variable given certain condition using select function in comparison pallete.
if you want to reset the counter value inside your arduino logic, then you can use custom command to send a value and use the function in your firmware to reset the value.

Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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Hello Jorge,

Thank you for the feedback.

Info about my problem:


The costum command counts the interrupt inputs that are connected to an encoder (Stepps). After a reference run, the counter should start again at zero.

So far I have solved it in such a way that the program is stopped after the reference run, so the counter starts again at zero, but that is not so elegant.


Unfortunately I am not able to send a command to the costum command 

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