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LINX I2C BMP180 Set-up Problems

Hey so I'm a little new to Linx and I2C in general. I got this Barometer BMP180. I'm trying to get it to work in LabView but I'm having some trouble.


If you look at my VI right now I am only trying to get it to read the EEPROM calibration data right now. If you look at the ring constant I have the decimal values of the registers that I need to communicate with to get that data. I pass it into the write I2C and then link it to the read I2C and tell it to read 22 bytes. 1 byte per register. Something isn't communicating correctly though.


Here is a link to the datasheet:


I don't know too much about I2C so I'm not sure where to go from here. If you could look at my VI and give me some pointers on how to finish this step. I know that to get the full pressure and temp data includes further steps but I'm just trying to get the calibration data first. Thanks.

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