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This group is for support and discussion of packages released by JDP Science (and older packages released under "drjdpowell"):

Packages published on the NI Tools Network:

  • JSONtext 
  • SQLite Library
  • Messenger Library
  • Flatline Controls
  • Cyclic Table Probes

Other packages available on VIPM Community Server:

  • Cyth SQLite Logger
  • PostgreSQL Library


VIPM.io --> https://www.vipm.io/package-list/a0cb28c2-bbe7-4e88-a4cd-3fce0dbcaa56/

LAVA Code Repository --> https://lavag.org/profile/18176-drjdpowell/content/?type=downloads_file

Bitbucket --> https://bitbucket.org/drjdpowell/workspace/projects/PROJ