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New Beta feature: Reconnecting TCP Messenger

Working on a simplification of TCP connections.  Posting for comment by anyone who has used Messenger Library's TCP functionality.

2020-10-20 15_09_33-Context Help.png

Basically, this is intended for when one wants to Register for Notifications from remote actors that may or may not alway be running.  Includes an extra notification of the Connection state, so one can be aware of if connected or not.  But otherwise this is a low-effort way to handle reconnection, relative to the current RemoteTCPMessenger methods.

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This looks like a great feature that is most welcome.  In our applications we use the TCP Messenger to connect multiple Windows based "instruments" across a network.  In some cases, the remote instruments come online after the master instrument Actor is running.  To this point, we have been using watchdog messages to determine the state of  the remote instruments and then initiate connections/re-connections.  I think this new feature will greatly simplify code and improve readability by hiding the re-connection details. For some reason a re-connection to a remote instrument, that has been shut down after having been connected, can take up to 30s, whereas a local TCP re-connection is nearly instantaneous.  Very much looking forward to this feature.

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The Reconnecting TCP Messenger is now released in v 1.13.2, on the Tools Network.  See the example vis in this folder:

<LabVIEW>\examples\JDP Science\Messenger Library\TCP Reconnecting Example

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I am an avid user of messenger library. This is an awesome feature that will greatly simplify Messenger based TCP actor systems.  In tests, it has performed flawlessly to this point.  State notifications for "running" and "shutdown" make it easy to get the status of the connection(s).


Thanks again for this great work.

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