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BETA version of JSONtext 1.6

Beta version 1.6.0

  • New Pretty Print and Minify functions (faster than using Reformat, and Pretty Print preserves Comments)
  • Methods to support JSON Config files, with Comments, and the ability to have multiple writers (multiple apps, or a User making changes with an editor).  See the Example Applications 1 and 2.

2021-04-28 11_42_08-JSONtext Config Example Application 1.vi Block Diagram.png


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I like the Pretty Print!

All your base are belong to us.
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Just to show one design goal, which is to recover from common User errors with editing JSON files, here I use Notepad++ to cut and paste the "A" parameter from the top to the bottom of the list.  My common error is to not adjust the commas (one is missing, and an extra one is "trailing" the list):

2021-04-28 15_24_30-__Mac_Home_Documents_LabVIEW Data_JSONtext Config Example.json - Notepad++.png


"Pretty Print" will correct such comma errors, so on reading the config we get:

2021-04-28 15_25_23-JSONtext Config Example Application 1.vi.png

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