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BETA version of JSONtext 1.5.0

This is a beta version of JSONtext (1.5.0).  


Provided for testing; not for production code.



  • #77: Comments accepted in input in /*inline*/ and //end_line forms
  • #78: Permissive treatment of commas (following HJSON) to handle common User error
  • #56: Hook to allow custom flattening of LabVIEW Objects
  • #67: Get single element as 1-element LabVIEW array
  • #65: redo error codes for conversion errors 
  • #58: dynamic-sized JSON Object from Array-of-Clusters with <JOBJ> tag
  • Other Issues: #72,#73



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Forgot to include an example for Comments and Comma handling, but JSONtext can now deal with:


// Supports Comments


"a":1     // like this

"b":2     /*or this style of

                 multiline comment*/

"c": 3    /*oh, and notice I'm forgetting some commas A new line will serve as a comma, similar to HJSON*/

"d":4,   // except I've foolishly left a trailing one at the end


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1.5.1 with bug fixes (still beta, not for production code):


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1.5.3 as submitted to Tools Network



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1.5.4 (minor documentation additions and one fixed example) now available on the Tools Network and VIPM.

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